Cargo Insurance. Freight insurance

We are very focused on loss prevention to ensure that your goods have a safe journey from A to B. However, sometimes they can be damaged, stolen, or lost through events that are out of your or our control. We can quickly and easily arrange insurance for your shipments in most parts of the world. So your goods are covered for theft, loss, or damage while under our care.

Transport of goods is always associated with risks – whether it relates to transport by vessel, truck, rail or airplane.

With cargo insurance, you are, for instance, covered and protected from:

  • Suffering financial damage due to loading incidents
  • Traffic accidents
  • Incorrect handling
  • Stolen or lost goods

Cargo insurance is an essential safeguard for goods while they’re transported from one place to another. In a nutshell, it provides financial security against an array of hazards that may potentially occur during transit.

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