CLink offers customized transport and integrated logistics solutions for the chemical industry, following at all times the highest quality and service requirements adapted to each subsector, from fine chemicals up to consumer goods.

Our specialized team, with a high expertise in managing  chemical products and with continuous training in dangerous goods and transport regulations, will meet your company requirements for a safe and secure supply chain:

  • Dangerous Goods
  • Special equipment and modes of transportation

Clink offers global coverage worldwide in all transportation models and can provide specific solutions to each customer  and product requirement.

  • Supply chain management solutions for chemical products despite of their specific requirements, in maritime, air and land transport.
  • Air connections worldwide and cargo consolidations.
  • Full visibility and traceability of our customers’ shipments under request.

We offer services to all associated industries and sub-sectors:

  • Pure Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Intermediate Chemical Products & Chemical Consuming Goods.
  • Glycerides, Paraffin, Liquids, Granule / Bulk cargo, Dangerous goods
  • Crop and agricultural Materials, Adhesive manufacturing, Pigments, Plastics, Printing Ink, Cleaning Products.

Clink is committed to their customers and always seeking established committed and long-lasting relationships.                We will guide you and offer you the best solution to streamline costs without giving up on quality.

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