CLink offer customised transport and complete logistics solutions in the automotive industry, complying at all times with the highest quality and service standards that the customers require.

Our services are present at every step of the automotive supply chain either for car suppliers, automobile manufacturers, importers or distributors. Warehouse services and a wide range of transport solutions to ensure your components and vehicles arrive on time to their destination.

Specific services to the Automotive Industry

Having extensive experience in the automotive industry, with the highest quality and control certifications, Clink offer a wide variety of services, covering all the needs that this industry require:

  • Transportation of pieces, components and spares of vehicles, either by road, sea and/or air.
  • Lifting units, lashing of pieces, etc.
  • Issuing customs clearance, as well as advising on the procedures in the automotive industry (export, second hand units, special export permits historic vehicles, etc.).
  • Sea, air and land transportation, reliable delivering on time
  • Global trade compliance
  • Value: Easy combination of multiple solutions for complex matters
  • Dedicated to industry expert team
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