3PL services (Outsourced logistics services)

CLink provides 3PL services. At your request, we are ready to take control of a chain of logistics operations from buying your goods to delivery and storage and custom clearance.

The benefits that you get by using the 3PL service:

  • The time it is released to focus on other areas of your business
  • Auxiliary service that you trust the professionals
  • Quick and correct setting of logistic options to fit your needs
  • Redistribution of responsibilities, some of which you pass 3PL operator

CLink is a non-asset-based third party logistics provider that enables manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers to gain competitive advantages through optimal transportation management.

We offer advanced technology and results-oriented services that help shippers improve their safety, service and financial performance. Our focus on technology allows us to improve your supply chain through reduced costs, improved visibility of your inventory, greater inventory accuracy and more flexibility to support your changing needs.

Our third party logistics services include warehousing and distribution operations, contract warehousing, public warehousing, fulfilment, and extensive value added services. Our objective is to continually demonstrate and deliver to our customers the benefits of a 3PL company. Outsourcing logistics services to a 3PL provider is an established practice among companies worldwide.

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