Pharma & Healthcare

CLink offers customized transport and integrated logistics solutions for the healthcare industry, following the highest quality and service standards that the management of medical/pharmaceutical products supply chain requires.

Our company has a specialized department, with a highly expert team of professionals that will understand and meet all specific customer requirements managing different types of goods and transport solutions:

  • Temperature-controlled products (Cooling solutions and cooled room temperatures).
  • Surgical and lab supplies not requiring temperature-controlled storage.
  • Standard transport model products

We offer services to different sub-segments: Pharmaceuticals & Related (incl. R&D), Medical devices & Hospital equipment, Surgical materials, Dental industry, Nutritional related industries, Veterinary and animal care industry, Orthopedic industry, etc.

Supply chain management solutions for temperature-controlled and time-sensitive products in Maritime, Air and Land transport.

End-to-end cold chain transport solutions for our customers as per product requirements/regulations.

Shipments with special handling and monitoring, full visibility and accomplishment of customers specific requirements.

Cold chain guarantee for +2ºC / +8ºC and +15ºC / +25ºC shipments through our selected carriers and service providers.

Specific equipment solutions: Air transport Containers, Ocean Reefer Containers, Refrigerated Trucks, Data loggers for Temperature Control Ranges visibility and traceability.

Specific Routes Design, Risk management and Implementation of the supply chain to secure the temperature range requirements through a customized Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) that include contingency plans, claims and return of goods.

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